Best natural allergy remedy

hello, and welcome back to or blog. We are here today to talk about what the best natural allergy remedy is to cure common allergies such as pollen or grass allergy. Beware that this might sound a little weird when you are reading it but we aware that it works. This is the best natural remedy to any common allergies that are around.


Step 1- take a spoonful of cinnamon and put it into a glass of water. Now stir the cinnamon into the water until it is completely dissolved. You want to make sure that you stir it for about 90 seconds, as cinnamon takes quite a long time to completely mix with the water.

Step 2- grab honey, and mix it into the water. You are taking honey and putting it into the concoction because honey is one of the main ingredients to the mixture. What the honey does is absorbs the extra crap that is inside your lungs when you breath in the pollen or the grass seed. This will make it so that the particles virtually go away and you are not sneezing or coughing anymore.

Step 3- add the cumin. Cumin is a spice that really helps with allergies because it has many ingredients in it that are naturally meant to fight the allergen off. It is also very useful for other things as well. Cumin will take the edge off when you are coming off of your allergies. It will really help you feel a lot more clear after you have had some. Some people even say that all you need is a spoonful of cumin per day and it will cure your allergies.

Step 4- add salt and pepper. When these two slices mix together it creates a chemical reaction hat makes the taste of the drink you are create very tolerable. A lot of these allergy fighting elixirs can actually taste really terrible because you are really putting together a lot of questionable ingredients. The salt will just take a lot of the edge off.

Step 5- mix all together thouroughly and heat the mixture up. You want to mix the drink together for about 2 minutes and make sure that there are no particles of anything that aren’t completely dissolved. It is crucial that everything stays in a complete liquid form. After that you want to make sure that you heat up the whole thing. Heat the drink up for about 10 minutes on power level 5 in the microwave so that is doesn’t burn. You do not want the ingredients to burn because then the right chemical reaction will not happen. You need that to happen to have the drink be useful.

That is everything that is apart of today’s remedy. We hope that you liked our post today and stay tuned for even more.

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The top allergy medicine brands


Today we are going to be talking to you about the differences between the top allergy medicines. Every allergy medicine works in a different way. Summer stronger than others and some have different effects. Below we are going to take two of the top  Brands and explain them in detail.

  •  Claritin– this is one of the top medications out there that you can buy over-the-counter. Always know that you can get stronger allergy pills with the prescription. To get something like that we recommend that you go to a doctor and see what they could prescribe to you. Usually you have to have extreme symptoms to get a prescription though.  Anyway, Claritin is probably the strongest over-the-counter allergy pill that is on the market. It does a great job of wiping out all common allergy symptoms. You can expect us to work with allergies such as pollen, wheat, fresh cut grass, and many natural allergies. It is not going to do to well with bee stings or anything like that. One con about Claritin is that it is quite expensive and there are many generic brands that have the same ingredients in them that are a half to a third of the price. Essentially, you might just be paying for the name when it comes to Claritin clear. It does work extremely well though, we have to give it that.  One problem with Claritin is that you cannot take more than one pill in a day or else you could risk of severe liver damage. Since this medicine is so strong that is your limit. So if it starts wearing off, you won’t be able to take anymore for that day.
  •  zirtech–  this is the medicine that is a little bit different then the Claritin clear and has different effects. It is not as strong as Claritin is with the common allergies, but it does a very good job with some of the peculiar ones.  The number one thing the stress on about this medicine is that it is 100% natural. That is the one reason we would recommend it over Claritin clear because that means there is no overdosage. Yes that means that there are no side effects from it either. Like we said before, if you take more than one Claritin per day it can give you severe liver damage. You could take 50 of these pills  Per day and you would not see any side effects whatsoever. This is because it uses a mixture of ingredients from natural plants to create the medicine. And it works surprisingly well for something that is natural. Usually the natural medicines are the ones that don’t really do such a good job. This one is certainly at the top when it comes to that market.

For information on both pills, we recommend that you check out these two websites.

The most common allergies

Allergies common area

In this post today we are going to be talking to you about the most common allergies you’ll find around your house. Below will be a list of the most common allergies that humans get.

Pollen-this is perhaps the most common allergy. I have not known a single person on this earth that is not allergic to pollen in someway or another. It is usually a minor allergy as well. Although some people can  see very extreme side effects if they are extremely allergic. All the most of the people will see though is just a simple runny nose or a sneeze or cough. Other than that you have nothing to be alarmed about. If you are indeed a very allergic to pollen though and you start to swell up, and we definitely recommend that you go to a doctor right away to get some prescription grade allergy medicine.

Bee stings-believe it or not, very many people are allergic to a B staying. This sounds like it would not be something that is very common but it actually is. If you have ever got stung by a bee and you see it start to swell up in any manner, then you are allergic. The only time you will not be allergic is if you really do not see any swelling whatsoever.  Obviously went to bee stings you you’re going to see that it leaves an irritated area but in most cases you should not see a lot of swelling. The moment you will notice that you all are  allergic is if it swells up to the size of a grapefruit. That is usually a telltale sign that you have an allergen to bees. Nothing to be alarmed about here though because in most cases meaning nine times out of 10, even if you are allergic you’re not going to see very strong side effects. Continue reading “The most common allergies”

Our first home allergy remedy


Today’s remedy is going to be for the allergen to pollen. This is a simple remedy that we will go over with you. First though, if you did not get a chance to see what we had previously posted then you should definitely go take a look.

This is a natural remedy that most people have not heard about but it uses basic household ingredients that you probably don’t even need to go to the store to pick up. You need cumin powder, pepper Rica, pepper, salt, honey, lemon shavings, parsley, and time.  Continue reading “Our first home allergy remedy”

The best ways to keep your allergies under control

We want to talk to you today about how to keep your allergies to a minimum in the seasons. Allergies are something that are very annoying when springtime comes around because you might have a runny nose or your throat will get scratchy. Some people are extremely allergic to things like wheat and pollen and they will swell up and in some cases even die. We do not want that  to happen to you and that is why we have dedicated this blog to that very reason. we want to make sure that everybody stays healthy and gets their allergies taken care of because sometimes it can be very bad. We will be sharing posts about home remedies you can use to take care of all of your allergies. We recommend that you stay tune for tomorrow when we post our first article.

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